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          Velocity Tools




          Velocity News Feed

          Changes Report

          Release History

          Version Date Description
          3.1 Not yet released
          3.0 2018-10-01
          2.0 2010-05-10
          1.4 2007-11-26
          1.3 2007-02-08
          1.2 2005-11-09
          1.1 2004-02-21
          1.1-rc1 2004-02-21
          1.1-beta1 2003-11-10
          1.0 2003-07-16

          Release 3.1 - Not yet released

          Type Changes Bye
          Added an optional 'factory' attribute to tools with the classname of a factory for creating new tools instances . cbrisson

          Release 3.0 - 2018-10-01

          Type Changes Bye
          upgraded to servlet API 3.1.0 . michaelo
          JsonTool now uses an explicit dependency to com.github.cliftonlabs.json-simple . Fixes VELTOOLS-179. michaelo
          The tools.xml file can now use XInclude file inclusion mechanism . Fixes VELTOOLS-162. cbrisson
          Most tools are now serializable . Fixes VELTOOLS-161. cbrisson
          CollectionTool.sort() now filters out null elements . cbrisson
          ViewLayoutServlet layout cannot be changed using GET parameters, unless configured with the tools.view.servlet.layout.dynamic servlet param to true . cbrisson
          Review tools-view initialization: default tools are now loaded only when asked for via the org.apache.velocity.tools.loadDefaults parameter (as an init or servlet parameter). . cbrisson
          Drop undocumented autoloaded tools feature, and have org.apache.velocity.tools.loadDefaults default to false . cbrisson
          Make tools-view initialization much pickier about file accesses, to ease the use of a Java SecurityManager . cbrisson
          Fixed BrowserTool Accept-Language header parsing . cbrisson
          Added new $conv.toList(obj) method . cbrisson
          Added $browser.IPAddress . cbrisson
          Removed deprecated components velocity-tools-uberjar and velocity-tools-assembly . cbrisson
          ImportTool reenginering:
          • the ImportSupport utility class has been splitted between o.a.v.generic.ImportSupport and o.a.v.view.ViewImportSupport
          • the ImportTool now has a generic version (for remote URLs import) and a view version (for local URLs import) which cannot use remote URLs in safe mode
          • the local URLs import respects the 3.1 servlets specification: query parameters of the included URL do overwrite original ones
          XmlTool now uses the standard JRE XML parser instead of the org.jdom API ; it is now in two flavors, the generic tools one and the view tools one. The view tools flavor allows the parsing of http query xml post data. . cbrisson
          Added a new JsonTool for parsing json. It is in two flavors, the generic tools one and the view tools one. The view tools flavor allows the parsing of http query json post data. . cbrisson
          Added an EscapeTool.unurl(String) unescaping method . cbrisson
          Deprecated ConversionTool: date/time parsing and formatting methods belong to DateTool, while number parsing and formatting methods belong to NumberTool ; toLocale() method is now in LocaleConfig . cbrisson
          Deprecated SortTool, and added a CollectionTool to gather lists sorting/splitting methods . cbrisson
          Deprecated MathTool number parsing methods, which are redundant with NumberTool ones . cbrisson
          Deprecated AlternateTool . cbrisson
          DateTool reenginering:
          • added iso and iso_tz date/datetime standard formats
          • added intl and intl_tz for human-readable international format (time zone displayed by id)
          use static logging in Tools classes . cbrisson
          new generic LogTool to emit logs from inside templates . cbrisson
          drop unmaintained Struts tools . cbrisson
          full review of BrowserTool implementation, update user-agents detection algorithm . cbrisson
          Removed deprecated 1.x configuration handling and depreacted 1.x tools initialization support . cbrisson
          Switched engine dependency to 2.0 . cbrisson
          Replace all uses of commons-collections ExtendedProperties class by org.apache.velocity.util.ExtProperties . cbrisson
          Removed deprecated class org.apache.velocity.tools.generic.log.LogSystemCommonsLog . cbrisson
          MathTool: added bitwise operations . cbrisson
          fixed result type calculations . cbrisson
          Switched log system facade to SLF4j . cbrisson
          Upgraded to JUnit 4.12, commons-beanutils 1.9.3, commons-digester 3.2, and Velocity Engine 2.0. . cbrisson
          . Fixes VELTOOLS-129. Thanks to Michael Osipov. nbubna
          fix sync problems . Fixes VELTOOLS-128. nbubna
          correct handling and better reporting of commited responses in error() . cbrisson
          Added a custom number formats cache in ConversionUtils . cbrisson
          added localization of DateFormat format strings . Fixes VELTOOLS-144. schultz
          fixed a LinkTool bug with parametersToIgnore management . Fixes VELTOOLS-148. schultz
          changed LinkTool.addRequestParams to accept Object[] . Fixes VELTOOLS-149. schultz
          $link.absolute($uri) should not encode query strings in the argument . Fixes VELTOOLS-146. schultz
          ValidatorTool generates invalid XHTML even when in XHTML mode . Fixes VELTOOLS-152. schultz

          Release 2.0 - 2010-05-10

          Type Changes Bye
          More convention over configuration and smart defaults . nbubna
          New configuration formats (more concise/flexible/powerful xml, properties, java) . nbubna
          Entirely new core infrastructure (lazy-loading tools, easier access, standalone support etc) . nbubna
          Added VelocityViewTag for JSP integration . nbubna
          Added DisplayTool, ConversionTool, ClassTool, LoopTool, FieldTool, a generic version of LinkTool and more . nbubna
          Refactored and enhanced a number of existing tools . nbubna
          Improved documentation . nbubna
          Deprecated many outdated things . nbubna
          Legacy support for almost all Tools 1.4 configurations and extensions . nbubna
          Better integration of $application, $session and $request scope control objects . cbrisson

          Release 1.4 - 2007-11-26

          Type Changes Bye
          Added ability to add current request parameters to LinkTool, including controls for automatically and/or manually ignoring some of those . Thanks to Christopher Schultz. nbubna
          fixed infinite recursion in RenderTool . Fixes VELTOOLS-87. Thanks to Andrea Bernardo Ciddio. nbubna
          Upgraded DVSL version used for documentation to v1.0 . nbubna
          Fix order preservation problem in SortTool . Fixes VELTOOLS-85. Thanks to Tatyana. nbubna
          Protect BrowserSniffer from requests without user-agent . cbrisson
          Added support for a MethodExceptionHandler - the TilesTool.get() method now only returns null if one isn't present . marino
          Changed StrutsLinkTool.setForward() to look for forwards local to the action mapping, before looking up global forwards . Thanks to Christopher Schultz. nbubna
          Rearrange/refactor/deprecate some internal methods in VelocityViewServlet in preparation for VelocityTools 2.0 upgrades . nbubna
          Upgraded Velocity Engine dependency to build and test against v1.5 (NOTE: Velocity Engine 1.5 will be required for VelocityTools 2.0.) . nbubna
          Added propertyKey() and propertyValue() escaping support to EscapeTool . Fixes VELTOOLS-81. Thanks to Phil Cornelius. nbubna
          Fixed bug in request-path restriction when using wildcards . nbubna
          Make default locale and format for NumberTool configurable, just as they are in DateTool . nbubna
          Add ComparisonDateTool (with some tests and showcase demos) for comparing dates and displaying the comparisons textually . Thanks to Chris Townsen. nbubna
          Add ability to configure default Locale for DateTool and to lock down configure() so it is safe to use in application scope . nbubna
          Add better support for dynamic locales in MessageTool . Thanks to Christopher Schultz. nbubna
          Use ResourceTool for common text throughout the Showcase example . nbubna

          Release 1.3 - 2007-02-08

          Type Changes Bye
          Added ResourceTool and ViewResourceTool for access to and use of ResourceBundles . nbubna
          Upgraded to latest versions of Commons-Digester (1.8) and Commons-Validator (1.3.1) . nbubna
          Updated ValidatorTool to mirror key changes/features in Struts 1.3.x's JavascriptValidatorTag . Fixes VELTOOLS-58. Thanks to Christopher Schultz and Niall Pemberton. nbubna
          Added url(String) method to EscapeTool for URL encoding . Fixes VELTOOLS-73. Thanks to Marc Novakowski. cbrisson
          Added start.showcase.webapp and stop.showcase.webapp ant targets to manually launch the showcase webapp using the embedded Jetty servlet container . cbrisson
          Added a testcases framework for generic and view tools . cbrisson
          Changed VelocityViewServlet to look for toolbox config at "/WEB-INF/toolbox.xml" and velocity init properties at "/WEB-INF/velocity.properties" when no other locations are specified (i.e. change the standard location into a convention to reduce configuration needs) . nbubna
          Upgraded VelocityStruts dependencies to those for Struts 1.3.x series and updated "struts" example app according to provided directions . nbubna
          Replaced "layout" example with new "showcase" example to interactively demonstrate all tools and the VelocityLayoutServlet . nbubna
          Added auto() and manual() methods to AlternatorTool and deprecated the make() methods that took a boolean parameter . nbubna
          Added getAll() method to ParameterParser to retrieve map of all params via $params.all . nbubna
          Added configurable getSelf() function to LinkTool to make self-referencing links easier . nbubna
          Added create() methods to CookieTool to support more complex Cookie creation . nbubna
          Added ContextTool for convenient access to context data and meta-data . nbubna
          Overhauled ant build process: dependencies are now automatically download, jars have manifests, checksums are auto-generated, and more. Also, building with JDK 1.3 is no longer supported . Fixes VELTOOLS-71. nbubna
          Updated license headers and notices to comply with new ASF policy . henning
          Made auto-alternate default of AlternatorTool configurable via toolbox config . nbubna
          Add addQueryData(Map) and params(Map) method to LinkTool . Thanks to Mark Brunkhart. nbubna
          Fixed a number of problems with ImportSupport . Fixes VELTOOLS-56. Thanks to Christopher Schultz. nbubna
          Add ability to restrict availability of request-scoped tools according to a request path value set in the tool configuration . Fixes VELTOOLS-67. Thanks to Claude Brisson. nbubna
          Change VelocityViewServlet to read logger and resource loader config from velocity.properties file instead of hard-coding it . Fixes VELTOOLS-68. henning
          Added setAbsolute() and absolute() methods to LinkTool . nbubna
          Made default format of DateTool configurable via toolbox definition . nbubna
          Deprecated ViewTool and Configurable interfaces ; ViewToolInfo has been enhanced to automatically recognize such tools by checking for init(Object) and/or configure(Map) methods . nbubna
          Enhanced TextKey trick in MessageTool to make using args and bundles easier . nbubna
          Add getInteger() and getDouble() convenience methods to ValueParser . nbubna
          Added get() method to StrutsLinkTool to allow syntax like $link.action.saveFoo . nbubna
          Added param(), relative(), anchor(), and uri() convenience methods to LinkTool . nbubna
          Added currency(), number(), integer(), and percent() convenience methods to NumberTool . nbubna
          Changed auto-alternate default in AlternatorTool to match Alternator default . nbubna

          Release 1.2 - 2005-11-09

          Type Changes Bye
          Updated documentation to cover new features and sync to many infrastructure changes . nbubna
          Fixed incomplete escaping in ValidatorTool . Fixes VELTOOLS-52. Thanks to Christopher Schultz. nbubna
          Fixed infinite loop logging problem with Tomcat 5.5 in the "simple" example webapp . nbubna
          Upgraded jars to Struts 1.2.7, Commons-Logging 1.0.4, Commons-Validator 1.1.4, Digester 1.7, Commons-Collections 3.1, Beanutils 1.7.0, Struts SSL Extension for 1.2, and Commons-Lang 2.1 . nbubna
          Added VelocityStruts support for non-resource and session-scoped action messages . Fixes VELTOOLS-51. Thanks to Niall Pemberton. nbubna
          Factored generic parsing code out of ParameterParser into new ValueParser for parsing strings pulled from any Map . nbubna
          Improved error handling/recovery in toolbox xml parsing by adding validation of tool info . henning
          Added BrowserSnifferTool for identifying browsers and their features ; this depends on Java 1.4's regexp support for use . nbubna
          Added EscapeTool for commons escaping needs ; this requires commons-lang for use . Thanks to Shinobu Kawai. nbubna
          Added ListTool as utility for using arrays like Lists in templates . Thanks to Shinobu Kawai. nbubna
          Added DateTool methods to provide easy access to date values (e.g. month, year, day) . nbubna
          Converted VelocityView and VelocityStruts to use a VelocityEngine instead of the Velocity singleton. This means only the servlets log directly to the VelocityEngine instance; the tools and other classes now use commons-logging (which can still be redirected to the VVS's VelocityEngine). Also, both the RenderTool and LogSystemCommonsLog now support either the singleton or non-singleton approach . nbubna
          Fixed bad relative URIs in LinkTool when webapp is installed as root . Thanks to Laurent Dauvilaire. nbubna
          Factored basic pagination code out of AbstractSearchTool into new AbstractPagerTool . nbubna
          Make StrutsUtils.errorMarkup() support errors.prefix/suffix . Thanks to Shinobu Kawai. nbubna
          Fixed ImportSupport bug with multiple calls to ImportResponseWrapper.getWriter() or getOutputStream() . Thanks to Shinobu Kawai. nbubna
          Made DateTool.toDate(Object) accept Number in place of Long . nbubna
          Fixed RenderTool NPE when passed null VTL string . Thanks to Tim Colson. nbubna
          Enable template cache refreshing and global macro autoreloading in WebappLoader . marino
          Stopped using Velocity's dependency jar . marino
          Upgraded Struts, commons-collections, commons-logging, and commons-validator to Struts 1.2.4 versions . marino
          Added new SortTool . Thanks to Brett Sutton. nbubna
          Added MathTool methods for totalling or averaging lists or arrays of values . Thanks to Leon Messerschmidt. nbubna
          Prevent NPE in RenderTool.recurse() when an evaluation fails . nbubna
          Upgraded jars from Velocity 1.3.1 to Velocity 1.4 . nbubna
          Simplified MessageTool interface to support $text.this.that syntax instead of just $text.get('this.that') . nbubna
          Added Alternator and AlternatorTool to improve on the old VelocityFormatter.makeAutoAlternator() . Thanks to Daniel Rall. nbubna
          Added new Configurable interface and support for configuring tools in the toolbox definition . nbubna
          Added methods for integer division and modulus to MathTool . nbubna
          Remove members, methods, and classes deprecated in 1.1 . nbubna
          Bring example Struts apps up to speed with latest Struts version . marino
          Upgrade jars to Struts 1.2.0 and Validator 1.1.2 . marino

          Release 1.1 - 2004-02-21

          Type Changes Bye
          Deprecated StrutsUtils' getActionErrors() and getActionMessages() in favor of getErrors() and getMessages() . nbubna
          Fixed javadoc warnings during build . Thanks to Nathan Green. nbubna
          Some sort of improvements to Struts example apps . marino

          Release 1.1-rc1 - 2004-02-21

          Type Changes Bye
          Changed recommended keys for MessageTool and ActionMessagesTool to $text and $messages . nbubna
          Changed XMLToolboxManager to use thread context classloader when digesting toolbox . nbubna
          Fixed session tool initialization/synchronization issue . nbubna
          Added TilesTool methods to import attributes to specific scopes (page/request/session/application) . marino
          Added new demos for using ValidatorTool, TilesTool, and SecureLinkTool to VelocityStruts example app . marino
          Upgraded/refactored MathTool to add floor() and ceil(), make type-handling more intuitive and flexible, and improve number parsing . nbubna
          Improved resource bundle support in ActionMessagesTool . nbubna
          ErrorsTool now extends ActionMessagesTool . nbubna
          LinkTool now encodes URLs using the response's character encoding . nbubna
          Removed inadvertant JDK 1.4 dependencies from ImportSupport . nbubna
          Made XMLToolboxManager not abstract . nbubna
          De-staticized non-private methods in RenderTool and LinkTool . nbubna
          Added NumberTool for formatting numbers . Thanks to Mike Kienenberger. nbubna
          Filled out and cleaned up DateTool's toDate(...) methods . nbubna
          Changed VelocityViewServlet's error method to print the stack trace of the root cause when it encounters a MethodInvocationException . nbubna
          Added importAttributes() method to TilesTool to automatically put all attributes of the current Tiles context into the Velocity context . marino
          Replaced TilesTool's getString(String) method with getAttribute(String) in order to support "put lists." . marino

          Release 1.1-beta1 - 2003-11-10

          Type Changes Bye
          Made VelocityViewServlet use response.getOutputStream() if response.getWriter() fails. This is functionality is deprecated and provided as a migration path from 1.0 behavior . Thanks to Daniel Rall. nbubna
          De-staticized MathTool to make it extendable . nbubna
          Factored common functionality of ErrorsTool, MessageTool, and ActionMessagesTool into abstract MessageResourcesTool . nbubna
          Added ImportTool as a simple ImportSupport-based tool . marino
          Converted TilesTool to extend ImportSupport. This allows easy mixing of view technologies (JSP, Velocity, etc.) in VelocityStruts applications . Thanks to Matthew Payne. marino
          Added ImportSupport class for building tools that can import resources from local or remote URLS . marino
          Overhauled DateTool to make it more extendable, user-friendly, and add support for standard, localized date-time styles (see DateTool javadoc for more) . nbubna
          Added support for specifying message resource bundles to StrutsUtils, ErrorsTool, ActionMessagesTool, and MessageTool . Thanks to Marinó A. Jónsson. nbubna
          Added commons-validator (1.0.2) and sslext jars to library . marino
          Added SecureLinkTool for using Struts SSL Extension with VelocityStruts . marino
          Added ValidatorTool to provide Struts 1.1 javascript validation for VelocityStruts . marino
          output.encoding property (if non-default) is appended to default content-type as the charset . nbubna
          VelocityViewServlet now uses response.getWriter() instead of response.getOutputStream() . Thanks to Matthew Payne. nbubna
          Improved VelocityViewServlet error handling (exceptions are logged and error() is now more robust) . nbubna
          Put VelocityViewServlet's requestCleanup() call in a 'finally' clause to allow clean after errors during a request . nbubna
          Fixed miscellaneous javadoc and doc typos . Thanks to Takayoshi Kimura. nbubna
          Allow system to reclaim objects held by pooled writers in VelocityViewServlet . nbubna
          Changed LinkTool to automatically check for XHTML setting . nbubna
          Added support for standard XHTML mode setting via toolbox config . nbubna
          Moved request/response/session/application keys to ViewContext and add getAttribute() method . nbubna
          Added selectModule() and getForwardURL() to StrutsUtils . marino
          Convert VelocityStruts tools to use new StrutsUtils methods and be module aware . marino
          Removed unused imports from StrutsLinkTool . nbubna
          Refactor StrutsUtils to use Struts 1.1 classes and support modules . marino
          Added TilesTool . marino
          Allow subclasses of VelocityViewServlet to use different ToolboxManager implementations . nbubna
          Added CookieTool . Thanks to Dmitri Colebatch. nbubna
          Added demo of <data> elements to simple VelocityView example . nbubna
          Made simple VelocityStruts example catch Commons-Logging output with LogSystemCommonsLog . nbubna
          Convert toolbox setup to use Digester instead of dom4j . nbubna
          Added LogSystemCommonsLog and CommonsLogLogSystem to provide bridges between Commons-Logging and Velocity's LogSystem . nbubna
          Added Commons Logging 1.0.3 jar . nbubna
          Added ActionMessagesTool . nbubna
          Upgrade deprecated Struts 1.0 uses in examples . nbubna
          Updated jars to Struts 1.1, BeanUtils 1.6.1, Digester 1.5, Collections 2.1 . nbubna

          Release 1.0 - 2003-07-16

          Type Changes Bye
          Initial release. . nbubna